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X-15A Maple Spinnerhead

Convert your current 3015A X-15A to a "Maple Producer". Specially made to handle heavy Maple Sugar!
SKU: GM42389M
Manufacturer part number: 42398

This converted high preformance spinnerhead fits your current Gold Medal 3015A X-15A cotton candy machine

With the help of our friends within the maple producing community we have created a spinnerhead for maple floss, the 5 1/2" double band has been replaced with 2-5 1/2" single bands, a 3/4" spacer to "whip" more air into the candy and 2 special "maple" ribbons to more effectively cook the maple sugar product.

We build these to order so please give us a little time to prepare one for you!!

NOTE: because the special ribbons have a higher resistance you MUST operate on a 20 amp dedicated circuit.