Batter Dispenser***OUT OF STOCK*****

Stainless Steel Commercial Batter Dispenser for Pancakes, Waffles, batters, or thick sauces.
SKU: GM8220
Manufacturer part number: PCD-13/SS

This commercial batter dispenser makes perfectly uniform waffles, pancakes or other baked goods. It keeps them a consistent size. Choose from this pancake batter dispenser's 8 settings, and turn the portion control dial to expel the concise 1.5 to 3 ounce amount desired, without any messy spills or splatters. Made from stainless steel that is extremely durable and easily sterilized. This commercial batter dispenser has a spring-loaded knob on top that allows one handed use to release product.

Separately available, the GM5196 Holder helps keep it upright when not using.

Try it for cake batter, muffins, crepes, pizza sauce!

Volume Capacity - 2 Qt
Width - 6.5"
Height - 12.75"