Caramel & Flavored Corn Supplies

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Monster Mushroom Popcorn GM2035

Gold Medal's Monster sized Hybrid Mushroom Kernels. Perfect for caramel or kettle corn. (Contains 15% Butterfly kernels) MADE IN USA - KOSHER U *CLICK NAME FOR PACKAGING & PRICING
From $4.95

ICEE POPCORN 3762, 3763

The beloved ICEE taste in a fun, unexpected way. Cherry/Blue Raspberry or Caramel/Green Apple. (24) 7oz Bags/Case *CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO & PRICE *
From $64.50

Caramel Corn Ready to Eat small 3.3oz bags 3719

Gold Medal's delicious pre-popped, pre-packaged, Ready To Eat treat. Caramel Corn without all the work! Kosher & Pareve. Made in USA GM3719 * CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO *

Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn

All in 1 package for making Kettle Corn in any 4 oz.(or larger) popcorn machine, Whirley Pop, or your big pot on the stove! Tastes like the festivals! *CLICK ON NAME FOR MORE INFO*

Caramel Corn Treat Mix

Caramel Corn Treat Mix for making Caramel Corn in 5 or 10 gallon mixers.Just add Sugar, Shortening, and water! KOSHER GM2094

Corn Treat Mix

A premeasured concentrate to make candy coated popcorn. Just add sugar, shortening & water. Made in USA - CHOCOLATE, MANGO, CINNAMON CRUNCH. Kosher & Pareve * CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO *
From $52.50

Basic Corn Treats Mix

Basic Corn Treats Mix for making incredible flavored candy-coated popcorn in 5 or 10 gallon mixers. Premeasured and ready to use with sugar, water, and Corn Treat Flavors. KOSHER GM2096

Signature Blends™ Corn Treats Flavor Mixes

Corn Treats Flavor Mixes are used with Basic Corn Treat Mix in your corn treat cooker to create a wide variety of flavors & colors. Beyond popcorn, these flavors are also ideal for Waffles-Funnel Cakes-Drinks-Fudge-Cakes-Pastries-Donuts-& Even More!
From $22.50

Compound "S"

The "First Aid" for your Sweet/Sugar Corn whenever it's popped directly in the kettle. Perfect for Candy, Kettle, or Maple Popcorn. Better coverage - Separates the corn - Helps keep kettle clean. 24oz Jar 2320

Caramel Set

Caramel Set is a Setting Agent, Emulsifier, and Moisture Barrier Product for making homemade Caramel Corn and Caramel Apples from scratch. 1 LB. Container


Candied Popcorn Separation Aid. Helps keep your kernels separated once the Caramel Corn cools. It's an absolute necessity. 32 oz. plastic bottle. KOSHER - Chabad Tri-State, Halal

Rainbow Sprinkles

Rainbow Sprinkles - Carnival Blend Decorettes. Dipped or sprinkled on, this candy decoration is the perfect sweet sprinkling for your caramel/candy apples, waffle cones, popcorn, etc. 6 lb. carton - MADE IN USA

Savory Shake on Flavors

Premium Popcorn Seasoning. Savory Shakes Bottles are smaller sizes of the same Savory Flavors the Professionals use. No Gluten or MSG. - Kosher Dairy - Made in USA - *** CLICK ON PRODUCT'S NAME FOR FLAVOR’S & TO ORDER***
From $17.00

Savory Popcorn Flavors

Now you can enjoy your favorite flavored popcorn anytime! Simply shake on or toss in with your popped corn to kick up some serious taste! This 4lb. container goes a long way. - MADE IN USA - . *** CLICK ON PRODUCT'S NAME FOR FLAVOR’S & TO ORDER***
From $33.50

Bulk Savory Popcorn Flavors

Now commercial Popcorn Shop operators can save money by purchasing bulk Savory Flavors. Each flavor is packed in a 25 lb. box.  **** CLICK ON PRODUCT'S NAME FOR PRICES & TO ORDER****
From $145.00


Flavor EZ base. Designed to hold and bind the flavor of any seasoning you use. Flavor free, Color free. 30lb. bucket GM2393

Cheddar Easy

Gold Medal Cheddar Easy Paste for professional Yellow Cheddar Cheese Popcorn. Not only does this Deluxe Cheddar paste taste great, but it heats up quickly and is so easy to work with! GM2390

White Cheddar Easy

Gold Medal Cheddar Easy Paste for professional White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn. So quick to heat up and easy to work with. GM2391

Cheddar Classic 15lb. Tub

Cheddar Classic in a smaller 15lb. tub. Rich, delicious, and so easy to work with. Kosher dairy cheese mix. GM2403

Cheddar Classic 30lb. Tub

Cheddar Classic Cheese Paste. Rich, delicious, and so easy to work with. Kosher Dairy GM2392

Metal Popcorn Scoop 24 oz.

Most Popular size! Larger Tapered aluminum scoop directs popcorn into boxes or bags. Rust proof with contoured handle for secure grip.

$10.59 $5.21


Perfect for opening big pails. Anyone is able to use this plastic pail opener for a safe, quick, and sure way to open a tub! * CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO *


White/Black Plastic Trigger Sprayer. Fits 5 Alarm Blazen, Free N Easy, or bottles with a 28-400 neck finish.

Oil Pouches Naks Pop 2 Coconut oil with Butter Flavor

Yellow Coconut oil with just the right amount of butter flavor. No waxy taste. Great aroma - Great taste. For 6 to 8 oz. poppers. Gold Medal 2638 *CLICK ON NAME FOR PACKAGING & PRICES*
From $79.95

Paper Food Service Trays

Use these sturdy food trays to serve your food products. Design is Red Check Many available sizes. * CLICK ON PRODUCT'S NAME FOR SIZES & PRICING*.
From $7.03

Corn Treat Bags

Corn Treat Poly Bags for increased Caramel Corn Sales. Easy to hang on a display tree or stack in a basket. Keeps product fresh longer.
From $6.50

Twist ties 4"

Twist Ties 4" long, 2000 per box. Perfect for sealing poly bags or candy apple wrap. Red & White VI199981 *CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO*

Bag Sealer 8905

This "Produce Tape" dispenser is a great way to seal poly Popcorn & Cotton Candy bags. Nice bright attractive BLUE color. #8907 Tape sold separate CLICK PRODUCTS NAME FOR INFO

Impulse Bag Sealer

Heat Seal bags of candy, popcorn, etc. with a secure tight fit. Keeps product fresh longer! Makes storage & transport a breeze. *CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR INFO*

Thermometer - Candy Long Style

Liquid Deep Fry Candy Thermometer. 12"Paddle Style. Easily reads 110°F - 400°F. Cool Touch handle. Waterproof Construction. *CLICK NAME FOR INFO*

Lighted Funfood Signs Caramel Corn 2584

Lighted Funfood Caramel Corn Sign. Lighted Fluorescent Sign can be displayed in a window on a wall or on a counter to promote your menu items. ** DISCONTINUED **