Snow Cone & Shave Ice Supplies

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Sno Treat Sno Kone Syrup 25 oz. Bottles w/spouts

Sno Kone Syrup by Gold Medal. Ready To Use. Affordable new size - So many Flavors! Easy to pour & store! Pourable cap means there's no need for extra bottle pourers. CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR PRICE & PACKAGE
From $3.50

Sour Attitude 1056QT

Add some ATTITUDE to your flavors. Sour Attitude will give your flavors that "sour taste" that is popular today. Turn any sweet treat to lip-puckering sour with just a single shot of this syrup. *** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO ***

Ee Zee Concentrates

Make your own Sno Kone syrup! Ee-Zee Concentrates take all the quesswork out of making your own Sno Kone or Shave Ice syrups. So Simple. Just add sugar and water. Saves space - Saves shipping cost! Click the detail button to select flavors and to order.
From $14.95

Shave Ice Sno Kone Concentrates

Gold Medal Hawaii's Finest Shave Ice Sno Kone Flavor Concentrate. Make your own syrups!Save over $2.00 a gallon with these professional quality concentrates for Shave Ice & Snow Cones. Each Quart makes 8 gallons of Syrup. *** CLICK ON PRODUCT'S NAME FOR FLAVOR’S & TO ORDER***
From $12.25

SnoKone 6oz Cone Shaped Cups

These extra heavy two color cone cups are not a flimsy water cup. These are strong enough to last until the last drop is consumed! Available by the tube of 200 or the case of 5000. - Click the Detail button for pricing
From $8.75

Flower Sno Kone & Shave Ice Cups

Flower shaped snow cone cups. These multicolored plastic cups create a sensation while preventing syrups from leaking out the bottom. Give the shaved ice flower cup a try in your business
From $97.95

SnoKone Dipper Blue Plastic

This heavy duty Plastic Dipper portions out the correct amount of ice and desired shape for Sno Kones 0r Shaved Ice. Lightweight! GM1088

Sno Kone Dipper Aluminum

Perfect for creating Snow Cones or Shaved Ice. Portion out the correct amount of ice and desired shape with this heavy duty Aluminum Sno Kone Dipper. GM1066

Spoon Straws - 400 per box 1120

The perfect compliment for Sno Kones or Slush treats. These 8" long Neon straws are flattened on one side into a spoonlike shape making them just right for mixing/eating/drinking Sno kone, ice, or slush products.


Wrapped 8" Red Spoon Straws

Each Spoon Straw is individually wrapped for safe and sanitary dispensing. Shaped just right to spoon or sip that icy confection! Packed 200/box Gold Medal 1120RW

Stir Stix

Hollow stir stix box of 1000. Great little sipper straw for snow cones!
From $1.95

Ice Cream/Sno Cone Holder

Perfect for holding your Ice Cream or Snow Kones. Acrylic Cone Holder for up to 4 cones at one time. An easy place to rest your order as you prepare a number of cones

8 Cup Sno-Kone Counter Tray

Use this convenient tray to hold up to 8 finished Sno Kones. This counter accessory is perfect for prepping and selling. Great for high volume requirements. GM1076

Two Tier Acrylic Bottle Holder

Perfect for displaying your Sno Kone Flavors! This two level bottle holder fits six 1 quart syrup bottles. Great for keeping flavors organized, presented, and easy to reach. *** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO ***

Three Tier Acrylic Bottle Holder

3 Level Bottle Holder. Holds nine 1 quart syrup bottles. Great for keeping Snow Cone flavor, wine, or other bottles organized, presented, and easy to reach. *** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO ***

Syrup Station 1162

Revolving Stainless Steel Syrup Station holds 12 quart size bottles. Perfect for dispensing Snow Cone Syrups or any other beverage bottles. * CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO *

Universal Vending Tray

"3-WAY TRAY" 24 Hole Vending Tray. Includes strap, handle, and aluminum drip/drain tray. GM1072 ** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO **

Slush Jar

Slush Flavor Bottle 1104. Square glass jar commonly used with all Slush machines for dispensing Slush Syrup Flavors. 16oz.size. Also great for dispensing your sample products at trade shows too! Pump sold separate. ** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO **

Syrup Pump 1/4 ounce 1105

Pump Only - 1/4 oz plastic pump. Fits the slush flavor bottles. The convenient square glass jars and these pumps are commonly used with all slush machines. ** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO **

Shave Ice - SnoKone Flavor Bottles 1059

An absolute must for keeping all your flavors in sight and in reach! These clear plastic, empty , long neck bottles show off the brightly colored syrups. Sold by the DOZEN. GM1059

Plastic Dust Covers******OUT OF STOCK******

Seal Sno Kone or any sugary syrups from outside contamination. Protect and shield your bottles from bees, insect, and dust. Use with #1069 plastic pour spouts. Required by many Health Departments.

Plastic Pour Spouts

Perfect to use with Quart Snow Cone Bottles to help control the amount of syrup dispensed per serving. Packed 12 pour spouts per package. 1069

Measured 1 oz. pourers for Quart Bottles

Use these Measured Pourers to precisely dispense a 1 oz. serving of Sno Kone, shaved ice, or any liquid syrup. Make serving a snow cone quick and easy. UPMP-5

1 oz. Syrup Bottle Pump 1071

White 1oz Plastic Pump w/11" tube for easy portion control. Perfect for gallon jugs. Dispenses a 1oz measure with just a simple pump. GM1071 ** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO **

Petro-Gel Sanitary Lubricant 1110

Petro-Gel Sanitary Lubricant NSF & USDA Approved 4oz Tube. Reccomended lubricant for all ice cream and slush machines. *** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO ***

Ice Molds 1487

Galvanized Steel Ice Mold for Olde New Orleans Block Ice Shaver

Lighted Funfood Signs Sno Kones 1984

Fluorescent backlit sign. Make sure your customers can see what you're selling from a distance. This illuminated sign can be displayed in a window, on a wall, or on a counter to promote your menu items. ** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO **