Cotton Candy

Nothing says "Carnival" or "Fair" more than America's favorite - Cotton Candy.  Traditionally, the most popular types are Blue Raspberry or Silly Nilly Pink, but there are so many other exciting flavors to enjoy.  Nothing has caught on faster than Maple Cotton Candy made from real maple sugar in Gold Medal's 3077 Maple Floss Max or X15A Whirlwind.  If you don't have access to real maple, Gold Medal has come to the rescue with their delicious #3228 Maple Flossugar which can be made in any of Gold Medal's Cotton Candy Machines.

Whether putting your Floss in a bag or on a cone, this unique treat couldn't be easier to make in the wide selection of Gold Medal's Cotton Candy Floss Machines.

How to Make Cotton Candy

How To Make Cotton Candy