Funnel Cake Supplies

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Victors Sweet Funnel Cake Mix 6/5lb.

Victors Funnel Cake Mix

Deluxe Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix 5 lb bag

Original Recipe Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix is by far the finest available anywhere in America! 0g Trans Fat! GM5100

Deluxe Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix case of six 5lb.

Original Recipe Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix - The best flavor on the Midway! Used by the Pro's! 0 TRANS FAT! CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR DETAILS

Icing Cups, PretzelHaus

Versitile 2oz. White Icing cups from PretzelHaus. Make any pretzel, waffle, or other fun food tastier with just a dip of icing! 60 Cups/Case * CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO *

Funnel Cake Ring 6 inch with mold plate 5104

A Funnel Cake Ring is essential for cooking the best Cakes. This 6" mold ring makes cooking so easy and produces the most uniform, best results. It comes complete with a matching platform

Funnel Cake Ring 8 inch with mold plate 5103

8" Lift off Funnel Cake Ring. #5103. Includes platform for easy lift off.

Triple mini funnel cake ring 5142

Make 3 (4") mini funnel cakes at one time. Includes platform for easy lift off.

12" Wooded Skewers

12" long wooden sticks for funnel swirls. Also great for Corn Dogs, Funnel Cakes on a Stick, and Tornado Fries.

Plastic Funnel Pouring Pitcher

Two quart Plastic Funnel Cake Pitcher. Easily pour the Funnel Cake batter into the fryer with this lightweight funneled dispenser and it's accurate narrow spout.

French Wire Whip 14 inch

Stainless Steel 14" French Wire Whip. A French whip is more rigid than a Piano Whip, allowing for a more thorough mixing of thick batters and sauces

WINCO Stainless Steel Utility Tongs, Heavyweight – 7″ UT-7

WINCO Utility Tongs, 7" (Specially designed for table service). Coiled spring, scalloped edge, HEAVYWEIGHT 0.9 millimeter stainless steel WINCUT-7 *CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO*
$3.07 $1.79


Neoprene Pan Handle Sleeve. 6" x 3" Heat resistant. Easily slips on handle for safety.

Impulse Bag Sealer

Heat Seal bags of candy, popcorn, etc. with a secure tight fit. Keeps product fresh longer! Makes storage & transport a breeze. *CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR INFO*

Bag Sealer 8905

This "Produce Tape" dispenser is a great way to seal poly Popcorn & Cotton Candy bags. Nice bright attractive BLUE color. #8907 Tape sold separate CLICK PRODUCTS NAME FOR INFO

Waxed Interfolded Deli Paper

Popular pre-cut waxed sheets used to line food baskets and to serve Hot Dogs & Hamburgers. Great for Pizza. Keeps paper plates from soaking through. Microwaveable.. Manufacturer could vary! *CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO*
From $4.56

Paper Food Service Trays

Use these sturdy food trays to serve your food products. Design is Red Check Many available sizes. * CLICK ON PRODUCT'S NAME FOR SIZES & PRICING*.
From $7.03

Thermometer - Candy Long Style

Liquid Deep Fry Candy Thermometer. 12"Paddle Style. Easily reads 110°F - 400°F. Cool Touch handle. Waterproof Construction. *CLICK NAME FOR INFO*

Plastic Dredge with Handle - 10 oz. AMME10SD

Clear Plastic Shaker. Use with bulk Savory Flavors, Popcorn Salt, powdered sugar/cinnamon on Funnel Cakes, French Waffles, etc. Includes 3 tops with small, medium, & large holes. * CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO *
$6.40 $4.32

Metal Dredge No Handle - 10 oz.

10 ounce Aluminum "Shaker" Dredge. Ideal for dispensing Salt, Seasonings, Powdered Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar, and more. Featuring uniform holes. - DR-ALT - ** CLICK NAME FOR INFO **

Stainless Steel Dredge with handle

10oz. shaker with polished Stainless Steel finish and uniform holes. The handle makes it easy to grip. Perfect for dispensing flour, sugar, salt, flavorings, & more. *CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO*
$4.99 $2.66