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Houstons Roasted fancy salted in shell peanuts

Convenient sized bags for concession stand sales or for use at home. Salted in the Shell. Virginia Fancies & Jumbos 60(4oz) bags/case PP604C * CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR INFO *

Granulated Peanuts - 30#

Granulated Peanuts 30 lb. bulk case. Perfect for rolling your candy or caramel apples, Waffle Cones,or any treat in. Make them both tasty and attractive.

Impulse Bag Sealer

Heat Seal bags of candy, popcorn, etc. with a secure tight fit. Keeps product fresh longer! Makes storage & transport a breeze. *CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR INFO*

Corn Vendor Tray 2048

Ideal vending tray for selling popcorn & other snacks "in the stands". Holds 40 Boxes of Popcorn. 17"W x 21"D x 6"H GM2048 * CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO*

Popcorn & Nut Salt - 17oz

Super-fine salt with NO yellow coloring or butter flavor. Evenly coats Popcorn, roasted nuts, Peanuts, french fries, etc. Essential for making kettle corn. GMO-FREE-Product of USA *CLICK PRODUCTS NAME FOR INFO*
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