HOW TO USE Signature Blends™ IN A POPPER
HOW TO USE Signature Blends™ IN A POPPER
WEAVER Popcorn Expansion Chart


Caramel & Candy Apple Making Tips from Gold Medal
How to Use Gourmet Popcorn to Boost Your Holiday Retail Sales

Holiday Food Gifts Benefit Businesses

 GOURMET POPCORNThe holiday season is fast approaching and that means shoppers are hitting the stores to find the perfect gift. Whether stores realize it or not, almost half of adults purchase food gifts during the winter holidays. (Packaged Facts) What does this mean for stores? The food gift spending category shouldn’t be ignored but rather embraced. By selling food gifts, stores can take advantage of this opportunity to boost holiday sales. Gourmet popcorn is the perfect food gift to add to your store for the upcoming holiday season.  Follow this guide from Gold Medal Products to learn more about how and where gourmet popcorn can be most beneficial to your business.

Fixing Broken Glass on 2600 Super Pop Max 16oz Popcorn Machine

Replacing Glass on 2600Gold Medal does not stock the glass sides and front for the 2600 Super Pop Max Popcorn Machine.  You must buy new Tempered glass from your local Glass Store.  Both sides and front glass measure 26.25” x 16.875” x 1/8” (3 Pieces).  Check out the attached file for all the directions on how to easily replace the broken glass.   FIXING GLASS ON 2600 SUPER POP MAX


Halloween Pumpkin Popcorn Balls

Halloween Pumpkin Popcorn Balls


       Halloween Pumpkin Popcorn Balls

   Love this recipe from somewhatsimple!

How To Make Caramel Apples
How to melt the Caramel and Coat Apples.
Rainbow Sprinkle Waffle Cones
Rainbow Sprinkle Unicorn Waffle Cones
Waffle Cone Recipe
How to Make Waffle Cones
The Best Commercial Cotton Candy Machines - Ribbon or Tubular? Which is Better?
Characteristics of both Ribbon and Tubular Cotton Candy Machines
The Best Commercial Cotton Candy Machines by Venue
What machines work best for Small, Medium, and Large Locations
The Walking Taco
Walking Nacho Bag
Gifts for Neighbors and Friends

Popcorn Gift BasketsI always try to find something a little different every year to give as gifts to neighbors and friends. Cookies take so much time to bake every year!

This year, I've decided to make little movie theater "popping" baskets. This way, the recipients can make their own buttery delcious popcorn for movies at home! To start, I'm going to fill a reusable popcorn bucket with all the supplies. For the supplies i'll add popcorn kernels, popping oil, flavacol, and some popcorn flavorings. That's everything to create an at home movie theater experience.

Check out our popcorn supplies category for different options.

Holiday Popcorn Ideas
Popcorn For the Holidays - Sweet or Savory!
Sno Kones vs. Shave Ice

Depending on where you grew up, you may remember enjoying a Sno Kone or a Shave Ice (also known as a Snowball) as a child. Don't know the difference? Sno Kone is a loosely used term for a frozen ice treat. However, there is a large diference between a Sno Kone and Shave Ice.

The major difference is the ice and whether it's shaved or crushed. Sno Kones used cubed ice through there machines which finely crush the ice. It is then scooped into a cone and topped with syrup. Shave Ice however traditionally uses ice blocks. Blades shave these blocks (or cubes) to create a snow-like texture. Instead of scooping, the cup is held underneath while the ice is being shaved. Think of it more like Soft Serve vs. Hard Ice Cream in terms of texture and serving. Shave Ice is also topped with a flavoring that can be syrup or a custard style.

One advantage you may find with Shave Ice vendors is that they tend to offer a larger variety of flavors. Sno Kones tend to be limited to 5 different flavors. Either way, both treats are delicious and refreshing on a hot summers day.

Interested in serving Sno Kones or Save Ice? Browse our website for equipment and supplies to get yourself started

Carnival Themed Gender Reveal

A Gender Reveal Party is an exciting way to tell the ones you love whether your child will be a boy or a girl. Friends and family gather to celebrate this wonderful experience. Most gender reveal parties have some sort of theme. Why not make yours whimsical with a pink and blue carnival theme?

Carnival Theme Gender Reveal Baby Shower

You can keep it simple or go all out with an array of tasty carnival treats. Whip up a batch of Strawberry Pink and Blue Raspberry Candy Apples for your guests to bring home! These can be put out as decoration with your seating or on a "to go" table. You can also make bouquets of Pink Vanilla and Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy to place around your table. Worried about a mess? An easier alternative is to use our pre bagged Candee Fluff. These bags have both pink and blue inside and it gives your guests the option of bringing it home. How about a snack for your guests during the party? We also have Cherry Pink and Blue Raspberry Glaze Pop so you can "Pop" up different flavors of popcorn.

Pink Candy ApplePink Glaze Pop PopcornCotton Candy CocktailPink & Blue Cotton CandyColored Snow ConesBlue Candy Apple

With so many people celebrating a life changing experience, keep it fun and memorable with a light hearted theme that they will be sure to remember. To view our products for more ideas, visit our website 

NEW: Birthday Cake Flossugar

Birthday CakeNo matter the time of year, it's always somebody's birthday. What better way to celebrate than with cotton candy? Gold Medal Products has a number of different flavors to choose from which now include Birthday Cake (#3723). This Flossugar really delivers on the rich birthday cake flavor. No party is complete without cake, so why not introduce a unique twist. It's also a great new flavor to add on if you have a rental company. Many people are already renting cotton candy machines for children's birthday parties, it's only fitting to have Birthday Cake Flossugar available.

Birthday Cake Cotton Candy FlossugarTo order visit our website

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Splash Into Summer

Summer is a great time of year to come up with creative drink recipes. Hawaii's Finest Liquid Concentrates are a great way to integrate different flavors. As the weather heats up, people need a way to quench their thirst.

Need a new slushie flavor for your concession stand? How about a new pool side drink recipe? Hawaii's Finest flavors can be used on their own or mixed-in. A great staring point would be Lemonade and Iced Tea. Try mixing in #1029 Peach Hawaii's Finest and you instantly have Peach Lemonade and Peach Iced Tea. Other flavors to try include: #1030 Strawberry, #1031 Cherry, #1032 Grape, #1036 Pineapple, #1049 Red Raspberry and many more! These drinks can be served on the rocks or frozen.

Diversify your customer base with a variety of flavor options. To view more flavors visit our website

New and Improved Humidified Warming Cabinets

5551 Combo Pizza Pretzel Cabinet5553-004_5553-005 Combo Cabinet Kits5550PR Pretzel WArming CabinetCabinet

In need of a new Pizza or Pretzel Warming Cabinet? Gold Medal has just released these humidified warming cabinets in two different sizes #5551 (Small) and #5550 (Large). They are ideal for concession stands, stadiums, arenas, schools, amusements parks and more! They come available with 4 optional kits to service your food needs.

The kit you choose will depend on the food that you are serving. The first option is the Pizza kit. Comes with 4 racks, 4 pizza pans, and pizza graphics. Available in both 15" and 19" depending on which size cabinet you choose. The second option is the Pretzel kit which comes with the pretzel rack and graphics. Maybe you offer both Pizza and Pretzels? There is a Combo kit to keep both products warm at the same time. It has 2 racks for pizza and hanging racks below to hold your pretzels. The last option for kits is the Flat Racks. These are ideal to hold nachos or grab n' go warm sanwiches. Make ahead some breakfast sandwiches for the morning rush or burgers for lunch. These warmers are adjustable to you.

Call or visit our website for details.

Popcorn Supply Company
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Super Bowl Lll

Are you ready for some football?!

With Super Bowl fast approaching, will you be hosting a party or attending one? Food and snacks are one of the greatest things about watching the big game (aside from the commercials). What will you be making this year? Here's a few easy ideas to get thingsSuper Bowl Party rolling.

popcornPopcorn is probably the easiest snack to serve to any guest. You can serve traditional butter popcorn or even spice things up a bit. Glaze Pop flavors and Color Pop Salt are a great way to cheer on your team with a color theme. You can also use Savory Shake on flavors. With Savory Shakes, it's the perfect alternative to serving potato chips.

NACHOWho doesn't love going to the stadium and ordering a big tray of nachos? Whip up a large batch for guests to enjoy. Or even better, make tacos in a bag! El Nacho Grande portion pak Chips and cheese are great for this idea. Simply open the bag of chips. pour in the nacho cheese, taco seasoned meat, salsa, sour cream, and jalapenos. A walking taco that won't dirty your hands or your clothes!

Pretzel & BeerAnother great snack that is a food staple is soft pretzels. With this, you can also incorporate the Shavory Shakes flavors and the El Nacho Grande portion pak cheese cups. For the Savory Shakes, simply sprinkle on one of the many flavors (Sour Cream & Chive, Jalapeno, Salt & Vinegar, Ranch, BBQ, Cheddar, or White Cheddar). Want to keep it more traditional? Serve your guests a pretzel with their own side of cheese sauce for dipping.

The options are endless. These snacks will not only fill your guests up, they will make them feel like they're at the game. No matter who you're cheering for, food always brings people together.

Re-Creating the Standard Concession Stand Pretzel

Pretzels are a staple for most concession stands. They are a comfort food at sporting events that can also be very versatile. The all mighty salted pretzel can be adapted by adding toppings or a variety of dips to choose from. When it comes to toppings, think of it like a pizza. You can charge an additional 50 cents per topping you add. This can be as simple as sprinkling cheese on before you bake it. Other toppings along with cheese can include pepperoni, jalapenos, and bacon. Another option can be shake on flavors. We offer a number of different flavors to "shake" things up.

Aside from toppings, a great alternative to have is different sauces to dip your pretzel into. The traitional salted pretzel is always delicious with cheese or mustard. Those two dips alone can be changed in many ways inclucing queso, spicy nacho, blue cheese, honey mustard, spicy brown mustard, and dijon mustard. Depending on the flavors of pretzel you chooce to serve, other sauces could include marinara, cream cheese, caramel, chocolate, ranch, bbq, vanilla icing, garlic butter, and many more. The options are endless!

Pumpkin Popcorn Balls

Need a quick and easy treat for Halloween? These Pumpkin Popcorn Balls are adorable! Great for kids or to bring to a Halloween bash! Visit the recipie below in the link!


Pumpkin Popcorn Ball Recipe

Pumpkin Spiced Funnel Cakes

With Fall approaching, many people are looking forward to their favorite pumpkin spiced treat. You can find anything pumpkin spiced from coffee, donuts, pancakes, rice crispy treats, and more! So why not put a twist on another Fall favorite? The delicious Funnel Cake.

Gold Medal Products has newly released a Pumpkin Spice Concentrate #1391. This flavoring is added to replace part of the water in your Funnel Cake recipe since it's liquid. When using #5115 Old Fashioned Funnel Cake Mix, use 55 oz. of Pumpkin Spice Concentrate with 11 oz. of water per 5 lb. bag of mix. If you're using #5100 Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix, use 55 oz. of Pumpkin Spice Concentrate with 35 oz. of water per 5 lb. bag of mix.

New products always draw in more customers. Just spice up your original recipe and watch the customer line grow!

How Many Servings Will I Get???

Popcorn in 8" Popcorn BagsOne of the most common questions I get from customers is how many servings they can get out of a package or case of Pop Weaver Naks Pak Kits. There are many factors that can play into your outcome. First, what size package are you using? Second, what are you serving your popcorn in? Third, how much are you filling your bags? We have sat down and done our own measurements based on the Paper Popcorn Bags that we offer. Below I will show a break down per package and case. We will be using an 8 inch Paper Popcorn Bag that holds 1 ounce of popcorn. We filled the bags to the top with popcorn, not over flowing.

 Naks Pak 4 oz. Naks Pak Kit for use in 4 oz popper (W104321)
6-8 servings per package - Roughly 288 servings per case

 Naks Pak 6  ozNaks Pak Kit for use in 6 oz popper (W104329)
9-12 servings per package - Roughly 324 servings per case

 Naks Pak 8 oz.Naks Pak Kit for  use in 8 oz popper (W104353)
12-16 servings per package - Roughly 384 servings per case

 Naks Pak 12Naks Pak Kit for use in 12 oz popper (W104334)
18-24 servings per package - Roughly 576 servings per case

Sweet Summer Time

One of my favorite things about summer is the Great New York State Fair. At the same time it's a bit saddening because that means summer is officially over. But back to the Fair! Every year there are a few staple foods that I have to eat before the Fair ends. First, I always start off with a corn dog, yum. Next, I need something sweet. Funnel cake it is! Now that i've had 2 foods that consist of mostly carbs, I need something to wash it down, lemonade. Oh the fresh taste of Fair lemonade, always a highlight for me.

The lemonade has always been my favorite. I rarely have enough time to sit down and squeeze lemons to make it fresh. The grocery store powders can never come close. But with much trial and error, I have surprisingly found a lemonade mix that can stand up to the challenge, DominAde. It's ready to use, just simply add water and stir. What's nice about this mix is that it also has Vitamin C aded to it. Most mixes from the grocery store are just sugar and artificial flavors. DominAde actually has vitamins added in! Try a bag and see what you think.

Maple and Apple Cotton Candy

                               Maple and Apple Cotton Candy

                That’s right everyone, it’s officially State Fair season. Typically fairs are a great way of finding new and funky snack foods. This time of year, certain tastes of products sell better than others. So why not change up your cotton candy? When you buy a bag of cotton candy at the fair it’s traditionally the Pink Vanilla and Blue Raspberry Flossugar or Flossine. Well that’s just downright getting old to me. Why not spice things up with some newer flavors like Green Apple or Maple cotton candy. Or even go the next step and throw some Chocolate or Cinnamon in there as well.

                Up North here Maple Cotton Candy has become massively popular. Now you do need to be careful if you’re using real maple sugar to use the right machine. If not done correctly, maple sugar will destroy your equipment. We always recommend using a 3077 Maple Floss Maxx or an X15A Whirlwind that has been converted into a maple machine. Since the maple sugar is so dense and has more moisture than regular cotton candy, you need a machine that is capable of melting it better and incorporating more air into your product. When done correctly, boy does this product sell!  Just a little tidbit - to develop the best product- purchase your maple sugar from a maple producer. If this option isn’t available or you’re in a hurry, we’ve got it covered.  Gold Medal’s #3228 Maple Flossugar is now available.  This complete, Maple flavored premix requires no special treatment. Containing both natural and artificial flavor, it’s ready to pour directly into any cotton candy machine.  There’s nothing like the smell of Maple in the air to evoke visions of the ever favorite pancake breakfast.

                And then there’s the Apple Season. Why not take advantage of that and turn out some Sassy Apple Cotton Candy? You can even spice things up by putting a mound of Sassy Apple floss and then Cherry floss in the same bag. It’s a knock off of a candy apple! The cherry represents the hard cherry coating that the apples are dipped into.  Another flavor that always goes well with apple is Cinnamon. Hot Cinnamon (#3469) is a Flossine Concentrate– the powdered ingredient added to sugar to make homemade Flossugar. Now the cinnamon is hot, but who doesn’t love a little spice in their life.  Right?

                Chocolate & Strawberry, Pina Colada & Lime - now these are merely suggestions. Feel free to find your own unique mix of flavors with either the ready-to-use Flossugar or the “make your own” Flossine Concentrate. It’s a way to help you stand out amid your competition. We offer 14 different flavors of pre-mixed Flossugar and 14 different flavors of Flossine Concentrate to choose from.

Obviously different regions prefer select flavors. While Apple and Maple are very popular up here in New York, find what works for you and run with it!

Easter Egg Hunt Idea

Easter Egg Hunt Idea


                Spring time is right around the corner, which means we’re getting closer to Easter. Every family has their own yearly tradition when it comes to holidays. Why not start a new tradition this year? Here’s a neat twist for the classic Easter egg hunt. Make up candy apples in different colors and hide them throughout the house or outside. Then split the kids into teams (each team is the same color as one of the apple colors) and have them search for their designated team colored candy apple!

                Don’t worry, we have all the supplies you’ll need to accomplish this wonderful new game (except for the apples). The number of colors that you will use will be determined by how many kids are participating. You can always make it easy on yourself and just stick to two colors (two teams). We sell a number of delicious different Apple Magic Candy Apple Mixes - Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Grape, Lime, and Caramel. The blue raspberry, grape, and lime are perfect spring time colors for this game.

In addition to the mix, you will also need Candy Apple Skewers. These are the strong round sticks that you pierce the apples with. Don’t want to use wood? No problem, we also sell Paper Skewers. Because you will be hiding these apples they should be wrapped. Do NOT use saran wrap. It will stick to the apple and you’ll never be able to get it off. We have both Cello Wraps and Apple Bags available along with Twist Ties.

                Follow the instructions provided on the candy apple mix bags. Then wrap, seal, and hide them for the kids to find! I know if I were a youngster, this would be an amazing treat to find instead of a plastic egg with some jelly beans.

For any further concession needs feel free to visit our website .

Note: Don’t make the apples too far in advance.  They will last 1-2 days. Make them the day before and store them in a cool, dry place or a refrigerator.

Corn Treat Flavors

Corn Treat flavors can make any occasion more exciting. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, graduation, or just a party in general. No matter the color theme, there's a flavor/color to go along with it.

The best flavors to use are Birthday Cake (2439) or Vanilla (2299). Both of these flavors have a white base. You can add any type of sprinkles, chocolate chips, or whatever fits your theme. All of the other flavors match the color as described. For instance, seeing as we are based out of Syracuse, NY, Orange and  or Blueberry fit the school theme.

These flavors are most commonly used with a Corn Treat mixer. If you don't have one available, you can always cook it on your stovetop. You will just need a candy thermometer and follow the instructions on the container.

Keeping Warm Through Winter With Popcorn

Winter takes a toll on everybody. There's nothing like coming in from the cold weather and warming up with a cup of hot chocolate. Why not skip the liquids and go straight for your favorite salty snack? That's right, you can warm up with the perfect popcorn recipe.

Early last year, Gold Medal Products introduced a new flavor of Flavacol. Ghost Pepper Flavacol #2482. Pop your corn the traditional way with kernels and oil. Instead of adding traditional Flavacol, add the Ghost Pepper Flavacol. This will give a great kick to your popcorn and warm you up on the inside. The instructions have you add double the amount of Ghost Pepper Flavacol than you would traditional Flavacol. However I would start by adding half of that. Ghost Pepper is very spicy. You can always add more to your next batch if it isn't spicy enough. Now get poppin'!

Popcorn Bowls for Easy Clean up

You know what my least favorite thing is about hosting a party? All of the dishes at the end of the night! Overtime, single use containers can add up in cost. Why not use a dish that's creative and edible at the same time? Using the same idea as making popcorn balls, you can make an edible popcorn bowl.

The recipe is very simple and you probably already have most of the ingredients at home already. Here is what you will need:

10 cups of popped popcorn (mushroom kernels work the best)

1 cup of water

1 1/3 cups of sugar (white)

1/3 cup of light corn syrup

1/4 teaspoon of salt

1/2 teaspoon of vinegar

Food coloring (optional) the number of drops will depend on the color you desire


First you will need 2 bowls, glass or stainless steel work the best. Spray the inside of one bowl with cooking and spray and the outside of the other bowl then set aside. Add your popped popcorn to the bowl that has been sprayed on the inside just before your sugar mixture is done on the stove.

In a medium sauce pan add your water, sugar, corn syrup, salt, and vinegar. I recommend having a candy thermometer on hand, you will need to cook this product until it reaches 290 degrees. Once it gets to temp, remove from heat and add food coloring. At this point, quickly add your sugar mixture to popped popcorn and toss until fully coated. Using the back of a wooden spoon or spatula, press the popcorn up the sides of the bowl. Once the bowl is fully lined, place the other bowl on top (stacking) to help form the shape while the product is cooling. Once cooled, remove your edible bowl and fill it with a party snack!

Popcorn Bar Ideas

           Popcorn Bar 4       Popcorn Bar Ideas       Popcorn Bar 5

                A popcorn bar is a creative “any occasion” party idea- Birthday Party, Graduation, Employee Picnic. Why not try it for a wedding! When it comes to a wedding, people try to find something unique or inspired to incorporate into their special day. Setting up a popcorn bar is the perfect way to entertain guests for very little cost. It can even help integrate in more of your color theme. Not to mention, who doesn’t love popcorn?

                First you need to figure out how many guests you will be having. Granted not everyone will eat the popcorn, but some guests may go back for seconds. Rule of thumb is that you should probably factor about two cups per guest. Next you’ll want to pick your flavors. You can color coordinate them according to your wedding colors or simply choose by the flavors you think your guests may enjoy best. Caramel Corn is the most popular sweet corn flavor though savory flavors are preferred. We find White Cheddar to be number, followed closely by Orange Cheddar Cheese, Bacon & Cheddar, Jalapeno, Parmesan & Garlic, Barbeque, and then anything spicy. Gold Medal’s Savory Shakes are premium seasonings that deliver professional popcorn store taste in a healthy 16-24oz shake on size. Kernel Seasons Flavor Shakers are smaller (2.4-3oz) shakers but the flavors are endless.

Popping corn ahead of time and mixing in the flavors while the corn is still warm is the easiest way to serve. He flavors will stick better to the corn because the oil on it is still “wet”. Shake it up in a large garbage bag, seal tight to keep it fresh, and pour it into big baskets or buckets on the popcorn bar when the event starts. Be sure to label each flavor and have a scoop (such as our Stainless Steel 6oz Scoop) available for each flavor to be served. Our cute 8” Popcorn Bags hold the perfect 2 cup serving.

                If you want to have a “shake on” popcorn bar, it will work best to have the freshest, and warmest popped corn available. Consider renting a popcorn machine. Hot air popcorn has no oil whatsoever so it makes any flavorings impossible to stick. By having a butter spray like the Kernel Seasons Butter Spritzer for your guests to use before sprinkling on their chosen flavor (this will make cold or oil less popcorn work). Keep in mind it will be more difficult to evenly sprinkle on a flavor when the corn has already been scooped into a bag. You may consider using Boxes or Cone-O-Corn Cups which have a wider top surface.

You can never go wrong with popcorn. It’s something original and exciting for you and your guests. It will certainly be the talk of the party!

                    Popcorn Bar 3   Popcorn Bar   Popcorn Bar   

For a full list of supplies feel free to visit our website

Victor's Pink Candy Apple Mix

Pink Strawberry Candy AppleBy popular demand, Victor Product's has just released Pink Strawberry Candy Apple Magic ( part number VI4161). This prouct has been in high request for years. Well, it's finally arrivred! Here at Popcorn Supply Company, you can either purchase it by the individual package or by the case (12 packages).

Recently people have started a new trend. As a wedding favor, they will have a table full of candy apples for guests to take as they leave. Depending on the color scheme or flavor the guests prefer, these ae sure to please. The same idea is also being used for Gender Reveal - baby showers since we also offer Blue Raspberry Candy Apple Magic for boys! Birthday parties are also ideal. The possibilities are endless!

Ordering Parts from Gold Medal Products

Just like a vehicle, concession equipment needs replacement parts over time. It's important to have all of your information ready beore you call to order. This way the representative knows exactly what you need. At the same time it makes the order quick and easy.

First, you should always know what the model number is of the equipment that you have. We always recomend that customers hang onto their owners manuals. This way you have the model number and can look up the part number that you need. This way you know what you need but the representative can also cross reference their database to be sure it's the correct part.

If you are in need of a replacement part that we don't have in stock, you can always call Gold Medal Products directly. The number for their switchboard is 1-800-543-0862. Just be sure to ask for the parts department when they answer.

Exciting Pops of Color

If you have ever tried any of our Glaze Pop flavors, you know that the taste and color are fantastic! The flavors include sweet corn (kettle corn), caramel, blue raspberry, cherry, grape, chocolate, hot cinnamon, and maple. Not interested in any of these flavors? After much trial and error, we have found that you can use Flossugar cotton candy sugar in place of Glaze pop.

When it comes to popping the corn, add the kernels, oil and salt as usual to your kettle. Once you hear a few kernels pop, it's safe to add the Glaze Pop or Flossugar to the kettle. Depending on the size of the popcorn machine's kettle (8 oz. for example), you will add half the amount of Flossugar (4 oz.). It's important to wait until you hear a few kernels pop before adding Glaze Pop or Flossugar. This product is sugar based and will burn if aded too early.

The finished product will come out bright in color and taste amazing! There are numerous flavors/colors to choose that will go along with any event. Check out our website and find the flavor/color that will work best for you! 

Holiday Gifts for the New Year

Now that Christmas is fast approaching, it's typically last minute shopping time. Do you have a home theater or maybe a "Man Cave" for those Sunday games? What goes better with movies and sports than popcorn? Here at Popcorn Supply we have everything to help fill those spaces.

If your looking for a popcorn machine that will impress your guests, we have it. For at home use, the 4 oz, 6 oz, and 8oz machines are the most popular. All of these machines are available as countertop units or on a cart. Prefer old fashioned style popcorn? We also have Whirley Pop Stovetop Poppers and even Whirley Pop Open Fire Poppers for camping.

Maybe popcorn isn't your preferred snack. We offer a number of treats and the equipment to go along with it. View your options at or feel free to call at 315-425-9547.

PretzelHaus Soft Pretzels

We just recently switched to the PretzelHause brand of soft pretzels and are in love! They are individually packed 6 oz pretzels (50 to a case) that are easy to serve. Simply heat them up, serve them on a plate or in a tray with an individual cup of Gold Medal's 5277 Nacho Grande Cheese. These are ideal for concession stands, booster clubs, movie thaters and many other locations. The options are endless for serving these soft pretzels.

Want to know the best part? Theres no need for refrigeraion and they are never frozen! Since they are never frozen they take a minimum amount of time to heat up which also benefits your sales. Not to mention, your pretzel will never heat unevenly so you wont have complaints from your customers. Bonus! In order to heat them you have a few options. You can use a microwave, convection oven, or even a toaster oven. The ideal temperture for serving is 110-120 degrees farenheit. If you happen to be in a snag and have nothing to heat them with you can just serve them as is. They are delicious anyway that they come.

Your concession sales can dramatically be increased due to the convenience and quality of this product. Not to mention the shelf life so you dont have to worry about spoilage or freezer burn. Did I mention the individual packaging so you don't have to worry about the health department? It's a simple and easy product thats guarenteed to please the customers.

Homemade Microwave Popcorn Recipe

                It’s very easy to make your own microwave popcorn at home. No I’m not talking about the stuff you can buy in the store. Trust me, when you do it yourself it comes out much better and tastier. First you need to choose your kernel. We love Weaver Popcorn because its quality makes it the most dependable, delicious kernels time after time. Most people use a traditional Yellow Butterfly Kernel. Weaver Gold is a superior kernel. This is what you see at the movie heaters or in a bar. It’s not only fluffy, but the largest popping kernel you can find. Most recently people are starting to gravitate towards the White Hulless Popcorn Kernel. Pop Weaver White Hybrid Corn is perfect for the gourmet palate. These kernels pop a little smaller, they’re “melt in your mouth” tender, and they have fewer hulls (which is what gets stuck in your teeth and throat).

                Next you will need a brown paper lunch bag. Add a fourth of a cup of kernels to the bag. You don’t have to add oil since it only soaks into the bag (but you can certainly add 1-2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil with a dash of Popcorn Salt if you’re adventurous). Fold top of the bag over once and pierce it with a tooth pick to keep it closed. Stand the bag upright in your microwave and cook for roughly two minutes. Do not put bag on its side, this will cause the popcorn to burn. While the popcorn is popping listen closely. Majority of your kernels should be popped when you can count 3 seconds in between the individual pops. This will also help you to avoid burning your popcorn. Once you’re at that stage, you can remove the popcorn from the microwave.

                Now it’s time to add your seasoning. Since your popcorn is dry (if you popped without oil) you’re going to need a wet agent to help your seasoning stick. I recommend using Kernel Seasons Butter Spritzer. Spray it on, and then shake on your favorite herbs or seasoning. A liquid butter topping like Gold Medal’s Pop-A-Lot or the Deluxe Mor-Gold Plus Buttery Popcorn Topping can be drizzled on. If you’re a traditionalist you may want to stick to only seasoning your popcorn with Popcorn Salt or Flavacol, the secret ingredient. Popcorn salt is very fine compared to table salt so it sticks to the popcorn better. Flavacol is a product used in movie theater popcorn. It’s a very concentrated butter flavored salt (just use sparingly). If you want to be more adventurous try using one of the many flavors of Kernel Seasons Popcorn Seasonings or Gold Medal’s Savory Popcorn Seasonings. The same product used in popcorn stores. Either sweet or savory, there’s a flavor for every taste.

Now sit back and enjoy your masterpiece!


                Butter burns very easily so don’t use it to pop your kernels in. Add melted butter as a topping after to the popped corn.

                If you decide to use oil, only use oil with a high burning point. Coconut oil is what the pros use; you can also use canola, sunflower, olive or peanut oils.

How to Clean a Popcorn Machine

Just like anything that’s used to make food, popcorn machines need to be cleaned after they’ve been used. We always recommend giving it a good wipe down with a well wrung out, soft damp cloth while the machine is still warm after every use. Be sure to let the kettle cool down enough first so you don’t burn yourself. However, periodically, it will need some heavy duty cleaners to get rid of the buildup. When used correctly, our food safe cleaners will help break down that carbon build up and cut the grease.

For everyday use, you can use both Pop N Shine and Pop N Clean. The Pop N Clean is our heavy duty orange citrus degreaser that cleans the grease build up in popcorn machines. It is also organic so you don’t have to worry about leaving chemicals behind inside the kettle. It easily sprays on, getting into all the corners and cracks. Use a paper towel or soft cloth to remove the softened grime. Pop N Shine is our best non-ammoniated glass cleaner. All you have to do is spray and wipe. It cuts right through that hazy glaze left after degreasing without harming glass or plastic.

For a heavy carbon build up, we recommend that you use Heat N Kleen once a month to cut any tough residual build up. Heat N Kleen is a non toxic carbon cleaner. Simply add a few tablespoons to water in the kettle, heat, and watch it soften the carbon build up in just minutes! An even easier alternative to the Heat N Kleen would be our Kettle Pucks. Merely place the pre-measured Kettle Puck into the kettle with water and heat to 160 degrees F. When the desired temperature is reached, turn off the heat and let cool for 30 minutes. Dump out the water into a sink, wipe out the kettle and you’re good to go!

Make sure any product that you use doesn’t contain ammonia. Forget using your homemade window cleaner that contains vinegar. You’ll never get rid of the lingering smell! Always pop with high temperature oil. Coconut Oil is not only high temperature; it produces the popular movie theater flavor. It doesn’t smoke, burn, or leave a sticky crust. Treat your kettle the same as all of your electric appliances. Never submerge them in water. Getting the wires wet will ruin the kettle and end your warranty.

It can’t be stressed enough the importance of maintaining your machine properly. Not only will it be more visually appealing, it will help you to produce the best product. Most important, you are also ensuring a well working machine that will last longer. Whether at home, with employees, or in a volunteer situation, develop a “clean up” habit.

To view prices or purchase these products you can go to Happy popping!

How to Make White Cotton Candy

                From time to time people need to make white cotton candy but aren’t sure how to do it. It’s very simple; in fact it’s probably simpler than you think. To make white cotton candy, just buy a bag of white cane sugar at your local grocery store. That’s it! Just pour it in your machine and wait for the web of white floss to build up. This will not ruin your machine because traditional flavored/colored “fairy floss” uses sugar as a base with coloring and flavoring added to it.

                If you’re going to be making white cotton candy, try serving it with a color as well. It offers some fun and adds extra flavor. For instance for the fourth of July, make the white cotton candy first, then use Boo Blue Flossugar, followed by Cherry Berry Flossugar or Jolly Berry Strawberry Flossugar. (Always make the white cotton candy first so it won’t be tainted by the colors of the other flavors of cotton candy). Next put a cloud of Boo Blue at the bottom of the bag, followed by the white cotton candy with the Cherry Berry at the very top. You just made a perfect bag or red, white, and blue cotton candy!

                Because floss has so much air in it, you will never be able to get deep intense colors. It will tend to be on the pastel side. So you won’t get red- it will floss pink. (Strawberry is the darkest pink). Also, be sure to seal it tightly. Bagged floss keeps a day or two depending on the humidity.

                We have a variety of ready to use Flossugar flavors in stock. You can even make your own Flossugar for pennies by mixing Flossine Concentrate into your own sugar! In addition to that we also sell three different kinds of Cotton Candy Bags, as well as Cotton Candy Cones, Twist Ties, and Containers. We are your one stop shop for all of your cotton candy needs. Here is a direct link to our website so you can browse around and see what you need

Corn Oil Salt Portion Pak Kits with Coconut Oil

Corn/Oil/Salt Portion Pak Kits with Coconut Oil To Make Everyday Popping That Much Easier


          Everyone loves when something is convenient and easy. So why not have that when popping popcorn? Here at Popcorn Supply Company we sell a product called Naks Pak Portion Pak Kits. Try saying that five times fast! The kits are available in different sizes depending on the size of your kettle. The sizes that they are made in are 4 oz, 6oz, 8oz, and 12oz kits.

          The kits include the kernels, coaconut oil, and salt. The kernels are the traditional yellow kernels that pop up big and fluffy. They are also known as butterfly kernels because they have a wing like feature when they pop. In the side with the kernels there is also Flavacol. The Flavacol is a butter flavored salt that ads extra seasoning. Lastly, there is the coconut oil. This is the left side of the package. The oil is also infused with a butter flavoring that gives a deep rich taste. Many people hear coconut oil and think that it will taste like coconut. Don’t worry, I promise it tastes nothing like the fruit.

          When it comes to popping, these kits make life simple. Start off by turning your kettle heat and kettle motor on (there should be switches labeled at the top of your machine). Let the kettle warm up for a minute or two before adding the product. Cut the top of the left side of the packet that holds the oil. Squeeze the oil out into the kettle and let it melt for a few seconds. Once the oil is nice and melted, cut the other side of the package and dump the kernels and seasoning into the kettle. Don’t forget to close the lid to the kettle after you add the ingredients. Be sure to pay attention during the popping process so you don’t burn your corn. Rule of thumb: popcorn is ready to be dumped when you can count three seconds in between pops. Once your popcorn has popped all that’s left to do is eat it and enjoy!

Popcorn Flavorings for Commercial Use

Are you involved with or have a gourmet popcorn shop of your own? Just like our popcorn flavorings for at home use, we have bulk flavors for commercial use. Whether you produce sweet or savory popcorn, we’re your one stop shop. We have a number of different flavors and products that will help you develop a rich flavorful popcorn kernel.

                For the perfect sweet corn, try our Basic Corn Treat Mix. Add this to your corn treat cooker (follow directions on package) and just before you reach 275 degrees add in your Corn Treat Flavor Mix of choice. Our Corn Treat Flavor Mixes are available in 15 different flavors as seen on our website. Looking for savory flavor mixes? There are 13 different powderedSavory Popcorn Flavors to choose from. What about that awesome cheddar popcorn that you find at gourmet popcorn shops? Cheddar Easy is our most popular cheddar cheese paste. It has a creamy, delicious yellow cheddar taste and smell. There's even a White Cheddar Easy for the White popcorn lover.

                These flavors are crowd favorites and are a sure thing to keep business steady. To see all of the flavors we have available check out our website Or if you know what you want, here is the page for our savory flavors and the page for our sweet flavors and cheddar paste mixes. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to experiment! That’s where some of the best flavor combinations come from.

Popcorn Bags, Boxes, Buckets, and Cones

Everyone loves popcorn. Why not make a statement with the perfect serving vessel for your popcorn. We have a number of different bags, boxes, buckets, and cones that range in size. Whether you prefer plastic, paper, cardboard, reusable, or even eco-friendly products, we have them. All you have to do is decide how you want to serve your popcorn, and then pick out the style you want on our website. All of our products have pictures and prices right on their pages.

                When it comes to popcorn bags, we have a number of different styles available. If you’re looking for something inexpensive, I recommend using our red, white, and yellow popcorn bags that come in 3 different sizes. Need something that will stand up on its own without falling over? Try our red and white popcorn boxes that come in a number of different sizes depending on whether you prefer the box to have a closed top or no top. Our plastic heap-o-corn bags are perfect for take home or party gifts. Let’s not forget about our popcorn buckets that go great in the middle of a table. Lastly, there’s our cone-o-corn popcorn cup. These cone-o-corn cups are perfect and easy for children to handle.

                There are so many options for you to choose from when picking popcorn serving vessels. To see pictures of these products visit our website Here is also a direct link to the page for popcorn bags, boxes, buckets, and cones popcorn-bags-boxes-buckets-cones.

Kernels, Oil, and Salt For the Perfect Movie Theater Style Popcorn

In order to create the ideal popcorn, you need the correct kernels, oil, and salt. First we’ll start with the kernels. Most people and places use the traditional yellow kernel. This is also known as butterfly popcorn because it has “wings” after it pops. More recently producers have been able to create a hybrid kernel for people with diverticulitis. This kernel is the white hulless popcorn. It pops a tiny bit smaller but it has less of those pesky hulls that get stuck in your teeth and upset your stomach. We also have what’s called mushroom kernels available. These kernels are not traditionally used for at home popping. You will see this product being used for candied corn (kettle corn, caramel corn, etc.).

Next, you need the right oil. Here at Popcorn Supply Company we have a variety of oils to choose from. For at home use, our Real Theater Coconut Oil is by far the most popular. It is available in a 1 pound container. Don’t worry it doesn’t taste like coconut! The oil also has a butter flavoring in it to give your popcorn a richer taste. If you are an avid popcorn eater and think you will need more than a pound of oil, not a problem! Our Butcher Boy Coconut Oil comes in gallon containers and is more cost effective when constantly popping corn.

Finally, to get the best flavor possible you will need the right salt/ seasoning. We always recommend using Flavacol. It is a butter flavored salt that goes right in the kettle with the oil and kernels when popping. Also available, is the new Better Butter Flavacol. It’s a butter flavored salt, yet it has more of an enhanced butter flavoring. The choice is yours depending on how buttery you like your popcorn. If you prefer a more gourmet flavor such as ranch or barbeque, we sell Kernel Seasonings Flavor Shakers (to see all of the  flavors we have in stock check out our website

Now that you have all the correct ingredients you can pop! Measure the ingredients according to the size of your kettle (4oz, 6oz, 8oz, etc.). All three ingredients will go right in the kettle together. Be sure to pay attention during the popping process so you don’t burn your corn. Rule of thumb: popcorn is ready to be dumped when you can count three seconds in between pops. Once your popcorn has popped all that’s left to do is eat it and enjoy!

National Popcorn Month and Fresh Popped Popcorn

October is finally here. This means only one thing, it's National Popcorn Month! Make sure you have all the supplies you need to celebrate.

Here at Popcorn Supply Company, we have everything you could possibly need to meet your popcorn desires.

If you're local, feel free to stop by to gather all of your supplies. If not, then you can place your order online at or via telephone at 315-425-9547. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm (with the exception of national holidays).

Don't feel like making your own popcorn? No problem, we make it here. Aside from traditional buttered popcorn, we pop fresh caramel corn and our seasonal apple pie popcorn. While in the Syracuse area, you can try our products at a few local stores. If you're inside the Destiny USA mall, be sure to stop by the Caramel Corn Shoppe! Maybe you're closer to downtown? The Kandied Kernel is located inside Armory Square. Say you're traveling a little further north. Check out our friends at Popcorn 'N' More up in Watertown. The possibilities are endless. Which one is right for you?

Chocolate Caramel Apples, A Real Neat Treat

Whats better than chocolate and caramel together? How about a chocolate caramel apple? New this month we're featuring Mom's Homestyle Chocolate Caramel Apple Dip. Two great tastes in just one can. It couldn't be any easier!

At Popcorn Supply Company, we have Mom's Chocolate Caramel Apple Dip available by the individual can or a full case of 6 cans. Each can weighs 8 lbs and can yeild roughly 55-60 chocolate caramel apples. Simply prepare and make the apples the same as you would a regular caramel apple (directions below).

With Hallowen rapidly approaching, spice up these apples by also using our Halloween Blend Decorettes. After dipping your apples in the chocolate caramel, simply roll them in the orange and black decorettes. They make the ultimate Halloween treat or take home gifts for your guests!

How To Make Caramel Apples

- Use clean, dry apples that are at room temperature. Typically unwaxed Granny Smith or Empire varieties work best.

- Place the caramel (chocolate caramel) dip into a double boiler. (Be sure to refill water as it evaporates from the heat).

- Heat the mixture to 175 degrees. Caramel begins to darken when the temperature reaches 180 degrees.

- Skewer apples and dip them into the caramel mixture, including 1/2 an inch up the skewer.

- Remove the apple from the mixture and spin to remove the excess caramel. Scrape off the bottom 1/3 of the caramel (warm melting caramel will fill this in).

- Dip/ roll apple in Halloween Blend Decorettes or nuts.

- Place on parchment paper, or lightly greased tray to cool.

- Stir caramel in between dipping apples to remove air bubbles.

- Let apples stand for about 10-20 minutes to allow the caramel to settle (or refrigerate).

- Be sure to store the apples in a cool/dry place.

- The caramel will only stick to the apples for 1-2 days.

- If you desire a thinner coating, mix in some evaporated milk. Use 4-6 ounces for every 8 lbs or caramel. Keep in mind this will lighten the color of the caramel.

Candy Apples for All Events

Apple season is right around the corner! Theres no better time than now to stock up on Candy Apple supplies. The supplies that you choose all depend on the flavor and color of Candy Apple you desire to make. We have a number of flavors, colors and products for you to choose from. Our four major flavors/ colors are made by Apple Magic. The flavors include lime (green), blue raspberry (blue), grape (purple), and caramel (caramel). If you're looking for atraditional cherry candy apple, we have three different products for you to choose from. Our three big name products include Apple-Ez, Victors Red Candy Apple Magic, and Reddy Apple Mix. Try them all and choose your favorite one!

Whether it's for home or commercial use, we have the supplies for you. First, start by selecting your prefered brand and flavor. For at home use, I recommend using Reddy Apple Mix which will yield between 25-50 apples. Regardless of the brand you choose, prepare the mixture according to the directions on the bag. Skewer the apples wood or paper Candy Apple sticks (we have both kinds in stock). Dip apples into mixture, including a 1/2 inch up the stick. Spin the apple using the stick and your forfinger to remove any excess coating. Place the apples on a greased pan, or one that is covered with parchment paper so they can set. Once they have set, place the Candy Apples in an apple bubble or wrap them. Candy Apples generally have a shelf life of 2-3 days.

Quick Tip: To ensure the quality of your product, be sure to use un-waxed apples. A harder apple is prefered because they will keep longer. Typically people use a tart green apple. The apples should also be dry and at room temperature. Lastly, avoid using freshly picked apples. They will cause bubbles in the coating so be sure to use apples that have been picked several days in advance.

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How do you put Cotton Candy in bags

1. Make a big and fairly firm cotton candy on a stick.
2. Hold the bag open with one hand while grasping the cotton candy cone with the other hand.
3. Twist the serving gently down into the bag.
4. Twist the bag with the cone and floss inside, tie and display.

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FOR MAXIMUM SALES Change colors every 10 – 25 cones. Keep your display full at all times. Always use Gold Medal Flossugar.