Caramel & Flavored Corn

Popcorn has always been the perfect anytime, healthy snack. Caramel and Gourmet popcorn put a new twist to this whole grain treat.  Classic buttery Caramel, Savory White Cheddar, Blue Raspberry, Birthday Cake, and so many other flavors can turn popcorn into a new experience.

By using Gold Medal's Corn Treat Mixes and Corn Treat Flavors, anyone can make their own favorite corn flavor.  Cooking the mix in a cooker like the Mark V Caramel Corn Cooker/Mixer alows easy and precise cooking /coating batch after batch.

Savory White or Yellow Cheddar Corn can be easily tossed and coated by combining melted Cheddar Easy with popped corn in Gold Medal's 2705 Mini Tumbler.