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Candy Apple Equipment



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Reddy Apple Cooker 4016

Double Batch Reddy Apple Cooker works within the same compact counter space as the standard Reddy Apple Cooker GM4008, but with higher wattage!
$795.95 $667.76

Bottled Gas Candy Apple Stove 4110BG

Bottled Gas Candy Apple Stove for Outdoor use. High speed 35000 BTU gas burner for a fast cook cycle. STOVE ONLY ( copper kettle shown not included in price) –

Hand Crafted 16" Copper Kettle - 4111

Hand Crafted 16" Diameter Copper Kettle. 9.5" Deep. for making Candy Apples and other candies.

Spun Aluminum Kettle

Spun Aluminum 16" Diameter Kettle for high speed candy or candy apple production. Use it when your in a big hurry!

Steam N Clean Lid 38314 for 4016

Apple Kettle Cleaner Lid. Put a little water in the dirty kettle turn the heat on – put on the lid and in just a few minutes everything is steamed clean – simply pour out the red water and you’re ready for business tomorrow.

Apple Settersticker 4006

Effortlessly use the Apple Settersticker to safely insert sticks into the apple. It can be used with either wood or paper sticks. *CLICK NAME FOR INFO*

Aluminum 18 x 26 Sheet Pans

Aluminum 18” x 26” Full Size Bun Sheet Pans are excellent for use in making Candy or Caramel Apples. Line pan with parchment paper to prevent sticking. NSF *CLICK NAME FOR INFO*

Thermometer - Candy Dial Style

Value priced Dial Candy - Deep Fry Thermometer. Stainless Steel Design. Adjustable Clip and External Dial Arrow. NSF Listed    *** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO ***

Thermometer - Candy Long Style

Liquid Deep Fry Candy Thermometer. 12"Paddle Style. Easily reads 110°F - 400°F. Cool Touch handle. Waterproof Construction. *CLICK NAME FOR INFO*