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Nacho Equipment

$25 Mail In Rebate on Purchase of New Gold Medal Equipment of $500 or more - 10 available per quarter (1st Come, 1st Serve)

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Nacho Warmer Promo

Nacho Cheese Cup Warmer complete with Chips & Cheese. An easy way to get started for any bar, fun center, soccer facility, baseball complex, convenience store, & many more locations. * CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO *
$306.85 $275.00

Nacho Cheese Warmer Dipper Style 2191

For use with #10 cans of Nacho Cheese.
$349.00 $296.00

El Nacho Grande Heated Bag Cheese Dispenser 5300

The 5300 Cheese dispenser uses a peristalic pump to dispense the cheese without ever being in contact with the cheese. ** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO **
$499.95 $395.00

Gold Medal 5301 El Nacho Grande Bag Cheese and Chili Dispenser

Heat and serve Chili and Cheese at the same time
$819.00 $696.00

Nacho Chip Warmer 2186ST

12" Servalot Warmer uses gentle heat to keep up to 10 lbs. of Nacho Chips warm and fresh. Load Chips through the top and serve them out the front!
$339.00 $285.00

Nacho Warmer

Economical Portion Pak Nacho Cheese & Soft Pretzel Warmer is perfect for any bar, small concession stand, or home theater. No need to continually monitor a humidified warmer's water level. UL, CUL, UL Sanitation, CE APPROVAL
$189.95 $172.10

Medium Capacity Portion Pak Cheese Warmer 5583

Just 12 1/2 W x 14 D x 18 H 80 cup capacity. 603 Watts 5.03 Amps on 120 volts
$699.00 $599.00

Portion Pak Cheese Warmer 5587

Preheat 60 cups of Nacho Portion Pak Cheese in an hour. Takes up very little counter space. Lighted sign on the Front.
$699.00 $595.00

The Most Deluxe Portion Pak Cheese Warmer 5581

96 cup capacity. Often used for complete servings in trays as shown. 400 Watt heater/blower system provides faster warm up than other units on the market. 18 W x 18 D x 23 H 460 Watts on 120 Volts.
$749.00 $639.00

Lighted Funfood Signs Nachos 5984

Lighted Funfood Nachos Sign can be displayed in a window, on a wall, or on a counter to promote your menu items. ** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO **

Pocket Test Thermometer

Instant Read Pocket Test Thermometer 0-220F. Protective clip sheath included NSF Listed. * CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO *

Stainless Steel Insert Bowl 2194

133 oz Insert Bain Marie Pan. For extra storage or replacement. Used in 2191 Nacho Cheese Dipper Style Warmer,and Twin Caramel Apple and Nacho Cheese Warmers. CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO

Stainless Steel Worktable

Stainless Steel table - perfect for holding Popcorn, Sno Kone, or other fun equipment. Suitable for so many uses! CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO