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Cotton Candy Machines

Small - Medium Venues typically focus on 3 areas:        Large Venues are focused on volume, dependability, and efficiency:
Portability – convenient size and mobility                          Robustly Manufactured – heavy duty motor, durable construction
Easy-to-Clean – no tools required                                     High Production Capacity – Produce high volumes of floss in short amount of time
Simple Operation – straightforward instructions                Advanced Controls – gives operator ability to adjust voltage, temperature, etc.

Ribbon Style Heat Element - Heats immediately - Very responsive heat adjustments - Cools down very quickly -
                   Can be damaged more    easily - Great choice for owner/operator or experienced professional staff
Tubular Style Heat Element - Slightly longer heat up time - Slower to react to heat adjustments - Gradual cool down -
                   Almost indestructible, easy to maintain - Excellent choice for rentals, multiple operators, volunteers, 1st-timers

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Gold Medal Stainless Steel Econo Floss 3017-00-000

"Compact cabinet" design. Up to 2-3 Servings per minute. UL & CE listed. Spun Aluminum Bowl, Whirlgrip Floss Stabilizer, & clips included. *CLICK ON PRODUCT'S NAME FOR INFO*

Gold Medal The Breeze 3030-00-000

Tubular heating element - the popular choice for rental operations. Up to 2-3 Servings per Minute. Compact cabinet, flip open front door. Lock-N-Go® handles. *CLICK NAME FOR INFO*

Gold Medal Breeze 3030-00-001 with UL listed EZ-Kleen Head

Compact Breeze boasts a UL Sanitation & Safety approved floss head! Spring loaded & EZ to Kleen. Aluminum pan & whirl grip included. Up to 2-3 servings per minute. Lock-N-Go® handles *CLICK ON PRODUCT'S NAME FOR INFO**

Gold Medal Auto Breeze 3052-00-000

It practically runs itself!! All new compact cabinet design and bowl positioning brackets. Up to 3-4 Servings/Minute *CLICK ON PRODUCT'S NAME FOR PRICES & TO ORDER*

3077-00-000 Super Floss Maxx

High Output Cotton Candy Machine. Double 5" band & ribbons in a small footprint. Ideal for a busy concession stand or family fun center. Up to 3-4 serv/min * CLICK NAME FOR INFO*

Gold Medal X15A Stainless Steel Whirlwind 3015A

Light in weight - Heavy in production. Double 5" head. Perfect for stadiums & arenas. UL listed. Average Output: 4 -5 Servings per Minute *** CLICK ON PRODUCT'S NAME FOR INFO***

Gold Medal Stainless Steel Deluxe Whirlwind 3008SS

The most Deluxe Whirlwind ever produced. The heaviest, highest production cotton candy machine with 5" head. Includes Bowl, Grip & clips. *CLICK NAME FOR INFO*

Gold Medal Stainless Steel Tornado Model 3005SS

Since introduced in 1962, the Tornado has been a favorite choice of professionals. Average Output: 7 servings per minute.UL Listed. Includes Bowl, Grip & clips. CLICK NAME FOR INFO

Gold Medal Floss About Cart Model 3148FC

The Floss About is ideal for any model Gold Medal Cotton Candy machine. Swivel casters and pull rope included.*** CLICK ON PRODUCT'S NAME FOR INFO ***

Gold Medal Pinkie Floss Cart Model 3149

Versatile wheeled Cotton Candy Cart, shown from the customer side. Accommodates all Econo Floss, Mega Floss, & Floss Maxx models. *CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO*

Double Bubble 3943

The ultimate in protection. Sits on the top rim of any 26" OD(66cm) floss bowl. Works well on the Floss Boss, Econo Floss, Stainless Econo Floss, or Breeze models. *CLICK NAME FOR INFO*

Floss Bubble - Clip on 3938

Clear Plastic Floss Bubble. Covers 1/2 the bowl. Attaches w/SS clips. Helps reduce "fly around". USE ONLY W/MACHINES THAT HAVE METAL PAN. *CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO*

Solid Pink Floss Bubble 3944

Solid color Double Bubble keeps looking new after repeated use. Controls the spinning cotton candy & keeps the operation safe from flying sugar. *CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO*

Solid Blue Floss Bubble

Solid color Double Bubble keeps looking new after repeated use. Works well on Floss Boss, Econo Floss, Stainless Econo Floss, or Breeze model. *CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO*

Whirl Grip Floss Stabilizer

The Whirl Grip Floss Stabilizer helps prevent cotton candy from flying out of the pan. It provides an attachment point & spacing to allow for air circulation. *CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO*

Floss Pan Clips - Stainless Steel - Single clips*****OUT OF STOCK*****

Metal floss pan clip 3010-C. Quick & easy to fasten the Whirlgrip stabilizer in position. The Stainless clasp fit all sizes of floss pans. *CLICK ON PRODUCT'S NAME FOR INFO*

Floss Pan Clips - Plastic -Single - 77470-12

Newer clasps! - for use with most cotton candy pans. Easily attaches the Whirl Grip Stabilizer to the pan - keeps floss from flying everywhere.*CLICK ON PRODUCT'S NAME FOR INFO*

Floss Pan Cover

Reinforced plastic with elastic edge, keeps pan clean when not in use GM3121 CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO

Leather Floaters 20010

Floaters control your cotton candy and prevent it from flying all over the place. Price shown is for 1 Floater. CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO

Aluminum Cotton Candy Pan 42040

Replacement Floss Pan for Gold Medal Cotton Candy Machines. #42040 (Whirl Grip Floss Stabilizer is not included). *** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO ***

Floss Band 5" double 42213

5" double floss band for Gold Medal Deluxe Whirlwind Cotton Candy machines.

Heat Ribbon Part # 20005 for Whirlwinds Model 3008 & 3009

Floss machine heat ribbon for Gold Medal Deluxe Whirlwind

Heat Ribbon 42279

Replacement ribbon for Econo-floss & Floss boss machines

Heat Ribbon 43004 - 7"

7" replacement ribbon for Gold Medal Tornado 3005SS floss machine

High Heat Ribbon 55441

Special high heat floss ribbon for using "Maple Sugar" to make Maple Cotton Candy.

5" Ribbon for Floss Maxx or 3015A/ X-15A 42565

Used on Gold Medal Model 3077 Super Floss Maxx or 3015A X-15 Whirlwind Floss Machine

7" Double Floss Band 42214

7" replacement band for Gold Medal 3005SS Tornado Cotton Candy Machine.

Heat Switch 42798

On/off heat switch rocker type