CANDY APPLES differ from CARAMEL APPLES because the candy mixture needs to be cooked to the hard crack stage (290-300º F). Cherry Red candy apples ( Reddy Apple Mix 4146, Apple Ez 4144, or Apple Magic VI4156) are the favorite. For other colored flavors of candy apples, try #VI4159 Grape Apple Magic, #VI4158 Blue Apple Magic, #VI4157 Lime Apple Magic, or #VI4160 Caramel Apple Magic.  Yes, they taste just like they look!

CARAMEL APPLES are a great way to appeal to a more health conscious public, while still offering a sweet treat  They're easy to make and store beautifully in GM4149 Plastic Apple Bubbles.

Fresh picked, tough skin apples make the best Caramel or Candy Apples.  Most operators prefer Granny Smith - a great contrast of tart and sweet. A GM4006 Apple Settersticker quickly and accurately inserts either VI10200 Wood Skewers or GM4005 Paper Apple SticksGM4224 Midways Finest Caramel Apple Dip melts best in a water bath warmer like GM4211C High Output Twin Caramel Apple Dip WarmerGM4120 Mom's Homestyle 5# Caramel Apple Blocks can be cut for the desired amount and put in the Twin Apple Warmer or Nemco's #6103A  Large Capacity 11 Qt. Electric warmer.

Sprinkles, Granulated Nuts, or GM5519 Chocolate Dip Coating help reduce the stickiness and add an extra touch before storing in the GM4149 Plastic Apple Bubbles.

CARAMEL APPLE CHIPS are quickly cut & cored in a GM4180 Regular Apple Hacker or GM4185 Delux Apple Hacker and then served with the soft GM4225 Quick Serve World's Greatest Caramel Apple Dip that requires no heating.