Caramel Apple Equipment

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11 Quart Electric Round Food Warmer

Countertop Electric Food Warmer with 3 Settings. ETL Listed. WINCO FW-11R250 * CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO *
$321.73 $158.32

Twin Warmer 4211C

High Output Twin Caramel Apple Dip Warmer. Twin warmer with lids. If you are using caramel in a can just put the can right in the warmer to heat and dip. *CLICK ON NAME FOR MORE INFO*

Regular Apple Hacker 4180

The Regular Apple Hacker makes it easy to cut and core and apple into 8 sections. Set the apple in place and press down with the handle on either side.

Deluxe Apple Cutter 4185

Deluxe Apple Cutter is the easiest way to cut & core apples into 8 sections. If you have a volume operation the lever action saves effort & eliminates operator fatigue. NSF Listed USA

Mrs. Anderson's Apple Corer Slicer

Quickly prepares all types of apples & pears. Makes 12 Smaller wedges. Non-Stick Stainless Steel with Aluminum Handle. Dishwasher Safe *CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO*
$13.00 $9.75

Apple Settersticker 4006

Effortlessly use the Apple Settersticker to safely insert sticks into the apple. It can be used with either wood or paper sticks. *CLICK NAME FOR INFO*

Thermometer - Candy Dial Style

Value priced Dial Candy - Deep Fry Thermometer. Stainless Steel Design. Adjustable Clip and External Dial Arrow. NSF Listed    *** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO ***

Thermometer - Candy Long Style

Liquid Deep Fry Candy Thermometer. 12"Paddle Style. Easily reads 110°F - 400°F. Cool Touch handle. Waterproof Construction. *CLICK NAME FOR INFO*