Belgian Waffles

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Belgian Waffle Baker 5021 Round

Our most popular model! This Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker bakes a traditional 7¼" (18cm)Round breakfast waffle every 3 to 4 minutes. GM5021 Standard Model

Belgian Waffle Baker 5021ET Non-stick

7¼″ Round Belgian Waffle Baker with adjustable Electronic Heat & Time Controls & Non-stick Coating. Easily make fresh baked waffles with the extra deep pockets.

One Step Belgian Waffle Mix 5018

Just add water to this mix. The eggs, oil, and Malt are already in there for delicious authentic Bavarian and Belgian Waffles. The Malt flavor and aroma can't be beat!

Pancake / Waffle Batter Dispenser

Commercial Aluminum 11 cup Batter Dispenser. Easily Portion Control your batter for Pancakes, Waffles, Cupcakes, or any product needing portion control. 8 different settings!

Seas n Kleen 5524

Seas n Kleen is a specially formulated spray to keep grids clean and prevent sticking. Used by professional's, it helps reduce your costs - less spraying, less time. less build-up, less clean up!

Impulse Bag Sealer

Heat Seal bags of candy, popcorn, etc. with a secure tight fit. Keeps product fresh longer! Makes storage & transport a breeze. *CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR INFO*

French Wire Whip 14 inch

Stainless Steel 14" French Wire Whip. A French whip is more rigid than a Piano Whip, allowing for a more thorough mixing of thick batters and sauces

Metal Dredge No Handle - 10 oz.

10 ounce Aluminum "Shaker" Dredge. Ideal for dispensing Salt, Seasonings, Powdered Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar, and more. Featuring uniform holes. - DR-ALT - ** CLICK NAME FOR INFO **

Plastic Dredge with Handle - 10 oz.

Clear Plastic Shaker. Use with bulk Savory Flavors, Popcorn Salt, powdered sugar/cinnamon on Funnel Cakes, French Waffles, etc. Includes 3 tops with small, medium, & large holes. * CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO *

Stainless Steel Dredge

10oz. shaker with polished Stainless Steel finish and uniform holes. The handle makes it easy to grip. Perfect for dispensing flour, sugar, salt, flavorings, & more. *CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO*

Measuring Cups

Polycarbonate Plastic Measuring Cups. Resists breaking & chipping - 1 piece - Externally Marked Graduations - Dishwasher Safe -
From $3.10


Versitile 2oz. White Icing cups from PretzelHaus. Make any pretzel, waffle, or other fun food tastier with just a dip of icing! 60 Cups per Case * CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO *

Granulated Peanuts - 30#

Granulated Peanuts 30 lb. bulk case. Perfect for rolling your candy or caramel apples, Waffle Cones,or any treat in. Make them both tasty and attractive.