Cone-O-Corn Popcorn Cups

Paper Popcorn Cones that hold less than an ounce of corn yet "put on a show"! Perfect to use at events where popcorn is given away.GM 2067 CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR PRICE & PACKAGE

Very Inexpensive, yet appears larger than it's actual size. The attractive Yellow and Red Popcorn design helps sell more, and is less expensive than open top popcorn boxes. So easy to fill. Can be stored in minimal space. 5,000 cones store in 5.6 cubic feet.  Made of heavy white Kraft paper - printed with food grade ink.
Easy to hold in one hand - even for a child
Use anywhere popcorn is given away!  Promotional Events, Automotive Dealerships, Flea Markets, Rental Stores, Hardware Stores, Farm Markets, Festivals.

Remember these have a pointed bottom which mean they can't be set down

Capacity: .8oz
Packed 250 per sleeve, 2500 per case
Length: 8.75"
Diameter: 4.5"

Cone-O-Corn Sleeve of 250
Cone-O-Corn 250/sleeve
Manufacturer part number: 2067
Cone-O-Corn 2500/Case
Cone-O-Corn 2500/case
Manufacturer part number: 2067