Holiday Popcorn Ideas

Holiday PopcornThe holiday season is upon us once again! With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, I always run into the ultimate decision of what to bring for a dish. This year, why not shake things up. Popcorn is incredibly versatile when it comes to flavors and is a fantastic appetizer/snack! It will be a hit with the entire family.

When deciding a flavor, keep it with the season. One of my favorite go to's is Rosemary and Parmesan. Truffle salt is always a crowd pleaser, you can also add Rosemary to this one. Does your family prefer sweet to savory? You can never go wrong with Maple Bacon. Being from Upstate New York, we're known for our apples. I personally love making a mix of sugar, cinnamon, and allspice. Throw in some dehydrated apple chunks and you have Apple Pie popcorn.

There are numerous avenues to explore when it comes to popcorn. Be whimsical and try out a number of flavors. Check out our website for your supply needs.

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