How to choose the right size Popcorn Machine

Choosing the right popcorn machine is the key to maximizing profits and reducing waste. Popcorn machines come in various sizes ranging 4 oz. to 32 oz. These are the measurements of un-popped kernels in each popping cycle. Each ounce of raw kernels equals approximately one small serving of popcorn. The popping time for these machines is approximately 3 minutes per cycle. Therefore 4 oz. machine makes (4) 1oz. servings per cycle, which are 80 servings per hour. A 12oz. machine Makes (12) 1oz. servings per cycle, or 240 servings per hour (etc.). Obviously it is important to have a good idea of what your volume will be. Not only because you’ll not want to produce too much or too little popcorn, but also you’ll want to make sure that you’re purchasing the proper amount of raw material & accessories (popcorn, butter, bags, cups, seasoning, etc.) for your needs.

Typical size popcorn machines have the following production capabilities

4 oz. machine Makes 4 - 1oz. servings per cycle, 80 servings per hour
6 oz. machine Makes 6 - 1oz. servings per cycle, 120 servings per hour
8 oz. machine Makes 8 - 1oz. servings per cycle, 160 servings per hour
12 oz. machine Makes 12 - 1oz. servings per cycle, 240 servings per hour
16 oz. machine Makes 16 - 1oz. servings per cycle, 320 servings per hour

You’ll also want to make sure that the kettle itself is removable and made of stainless steel (for easy cleaning). The 3 fixed sides of the popcorn machine should be made of tempered glass and the door should be made of plexi-glass. All of this for safety and of course for a great view of all of that fresh, hot popcorn. Nobody likes popcorn that looks and tastes like it’s been sitting around for a while. So additionally, your popcorn machine should have a warming lamp and a heated corn deck to keep the popcorn fresh and hot. Hopefully, this will provide you with some of the key basics when it comes to choosing the right popcorn machine for you. Good Luck & Happy Popping!