Leather Floaters 20010

Floaters control your cotton candy and prevent it from flying all over the place. Price shown is for 1 Floater. CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO
SKU: GOLD20010
Manufacturer part number: 20010

requires p/n 42227 screw #8-32 x 3/8" (not included)

To work correctly, floaters should be positioned correctly.  As the operator, using your right hand, grab and twist the floater so the leading edge is poointing downward (head spins counter-clockwise). Rotate the head and repeat the procedure with the other floater. They act similar to a ceiling fan does to direct the flow of the cotton candy exiting the machine head.

 In operation, the floss will collect on the FLOSS STABILIZER. If the floss collects “low” on the stabilizer, twist the front (leading) edge of the leather floaters down.

You get more lift and the floss will collect higher. This creates a lifting action to float the floss higher on the outside wall of the floss pan.