1 oz. Syrup Bottle Pump

White 1oz Plastic Pump w/11" tube for easy portion control. Perfect for gallon jugs. Dispenses a 1oz measure with just a simple pump. *CLICK ON NAME FOR INFO*
Manufacturer: Packaging Options
Manufacturer part number: 662

When your using gallon jugs to serve Sno Kone Syrup, Butter Popcorn Topping, Popping Oil, etc, this pump makes portion control that much easier.  One push down on the pump delivers 1oz. of product.  Easy to clean after.  The pump can be rinsed with warm water and completely comes apart if further cleaning is needed. It fits most standard bottle and jug sizes.

Our 1 oz white pump dispenser is designed for jugs with 38mm finish, as commonly found on 64 oz. and 1 gallon jugs. These pumps are not only perfect for our syrups and toppings but can also be used for lotions, soaps, cleaning products and bulk applications. This pump has a ribbed closure and features an 11 inch dip tube.

38-400 White Plastic Lotion Pump w/11" dip tube