Basic Corn Treats Mix

Basic Corn Treats Mix for making incredible flavored candy-coated popcorn in 5 or 10 gallon mixers. Premeasured and ready to use with sugar, water, and Corn Treat Flavors. KOSHER GM2096
Manufacturer part number: 2096

Colored themes are so popular these days for weddings, parties, sports events, etc.  Now you can make a wide variety of colored and flavored candy coated popcorn using Gold Medal's Basic Corn Treat Mix and adding Corn Treat Flavor Mix(over 15 exciting flavors and colors).
Forget the scratch recipe. By using the convenient premeasured Basic Corn Mix and adding ¼Cup of the Corn Treat Flavor, you  can get uniform, high quality results every time.
For the best coverage, we recommend a mushroom type corn for less breakage, and wet-popped (not air-popped)within the past few hours. For the truest of colors, use clear or white oil such as White Coconut Oil Pouches Naks Pop2(GM2635).

Directions for 5 gallon mixer:
Put contents of bag in cooker, add 4 cups white sugar, 14 - 16 oz. of water, plus 4 oz. white coconut oil or shortening. Cook and just before it reaches
285 deg. F, add 1/4 cup flavor mix and cook until final temperature is reached. Add 5 gallons popped corn, mix well, spray with Free-N-Easy (GM2250) to prevent clumping. Dump and separate.

12 - 22 oz. packages per case, each package weighs 22 oz.

These Products are Kosher and Pareve
Chabad Tri-State Kehilah Kosher

Ingredients: Corn syrup solids, sugar, soy lecithin, cream of tarter
Contains: Soy