Carnival Themed Gender Reveal

A Gender Reveal Party is an exciting way to tell the ones you love whether your child will be a boy or a girl. Friends and family gather to celebrate this wonderful experience. Most gender reveal parties have some sort of theme. Why not make yours whimsical with a pink and blue carnival theme?

Carnival Theme Gender Reveal Baby Shower

You can keep it simple or go all out with an array of tasty carnival treats. Whip up a batch of Strawberry Pink and Blue Raspberry Candy Apples for your guests to bring home! These can be put out as decoration with your seating or on a "to go" table. You can also make bouquets of Pink Vanilla and Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy to place around your table. Worried about a mess? An easier alternative is to use our pre bagged Candee Fluff. These bags have both pink and blue inside and it gives your guests the option of bringing it home. How about a snack for your guests during the party? We also have Cherry Pink and Blue Raspberry Glaze Pop so you can "Pop" up different flavors of popcorn.

Pink Candy ApplePink Glaze Pop PopcornCotton Candy CocktailPink & Blue Cotton CandyColored Snow ConesBlue Candy Apple

With so many people celebrating a life changing experience, keep it fun and memorable with a light hearted theme that they will be sure to remember. To view our products for more ideas, visit our website 

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