HEAP-O-CORN Plastic Popcorn Bags

These poly plastic bags are excellent for display & take home sales when filled with your own delicious popcorn. Available in 2 sizes - 18" (2125) & 30" (2079). Each uses little storage space - Keeps popcorn fresh for days! Click Detail button for prices & sizing

The bright red, yellow, & white graphics draw attention and compliment the puffy snack.  Perfect for filling with popcorn, sealing with a twist tie, then hanging or stacking for display/sale.  The twist tie seal keeps the popcorn fresh and makes it easy to transport the corn without spilling. Reheating directions are provided on the front of each bag to show how to easily refreshen the popcorn.
These old standbys - the 18" and 30"Heap O'Popcorn, have showed us that big sizes of popcorn really sell.
Using Gold Medal's GM2151 Filler Funnel makes filling these long, thin bags a breeze. Slip the bag over the small end of the Funnel and scoop popcorn into the top.
Please note these bags are empty. They are shown filled with popcorn for illustration purposes only.

2125 Heap-O-Corn Poly Bag,    3 oz. capacity,    18" (46 cm.) L x 7" W (4" in diameter)
2079 Heap-O-Corn Poly Bag, 6.5 oz. capacity,    30" (76 cm.) L x 7" W (4" in diameter)

Full cases of 1000 include twist ties, individual sleeves of 100 do not include twist ties.
There is no ingredients information because of the variety of oils, salts, colors & flavorings that could have been used to make the product.
Custom printing on bags is not available.

2125 100/sleeve Heap-O-Corn Bag  18 in.
18 in. Heap-O-Corn Bag 100/sleeve 2125
SKU: GM21251
Manufacturer part number: 2125
2125 Heap-O-Corn Bag 18 in. 1000/case
18 in. Heap-O-Corn Bag 1000/case
Poly Plastic 18"L
SKU: GM2125
Manufacturer part number: 2125
30 Inch Heap-O-Corn Bags 100ct
HEAP-O-CORN Plastic Popcorn Bags 30 in. Heap-O-Corn Bag 100/sleeve
SKU: GM20791
Manufacturer part number: 2079
30 Inch Heap-O-Corn Bags- Case
HEAP-O-CORN Plastic Popcorn Bags 30 in. Heap-O-Corn Bag 1000/case
SKU: GM2079
Manufacturer part number: 2079
Twist Ties 2000
Twist Ties - 2000 per box
Red & White Striped 4" Paper Twist Ties. 2000/box MADE IN USA
SKU: VI199981
Manufacturer part number: 071744