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                A popcorn bar is a creative “any occasion” party idea- Birthday Party, Graduation, Employee Picnic. Why not try it for a wedding! When it comes to a wedding, people try to find something unique or inspired to incorporate into their special day. Setting up a popcorn bar is the perfect way to entertain guests for very little cost. It can even help integrate in more of your color theme. Not to mention, who doesn’t love popcorn?

                First you need to figure out how many guests you will be having. Granted not everyone will eat the popcorn, but some guests may go back for seconds. Rule of thumb is that you should probably factor about two cups per guest. Next you’ll want to pick your flavors. You can color coordinate them according to your wedding colors or simply choose by the flavors you think your guests may enjoy best. Caramel Corn is the most popular sweet corn flavor though savory flavors are preferred. We find White Cheddar to be number, followed closely by Orange Cheddar Cheese, Bacon & Cheddar, Jalapeno, Parmesan & Garlic, Barbeque, and then anything spicy. Gold Medal’s Savory Shakes are premium seasonings that deliver professional popcorn store taste in a healthy 16-24oz shake on size. Kernel Seasons Flavor Shakers are smaller (2.4-3oz) shakers but the flavors are endless.

Popping corn ahead of time and mixing in the flavors while the corn is still warm is the easiest way to serve. He flavors will stick better to the corn because the oil on it is still “wet”. Shake it up in a large garbage bag, seal tight to keep it fresh, and pour it into big baskets or buckets on the popcorn bar when the event starts. Be sure to label each flavor and have a scoop (such as our Stainless Steel 6oz Scoop) available for each flavor to be served. Our cute 8” Popcorn Bags hold the perfect 2 cup serving.

                If you want to have a “shake on” popcorn bar, it will work best to have the freshest, and warmest popped corn available. Consider renting a popcorn machine. Hot air popcorn has no oil whatsoever so it makes any flavorings impossible to stick. By having a butter spray like the Kernel Seasons Butter Spritzer for your guests to use before sprinkling on their chosen flavor (this will make cold or oil less popcorn work). Keep in mind it will be more difficult to evenly sprinkle on a flavor when the corn has already been scooped into a bag. You may consider using Boxes or Cone-O-Corn Cups which have a wider top surface.

You can never go wrong with popcorn. It’s something original and exciting for you and your guests. It will certainly be the talk of the party!

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