Reddy Apple Mix 4146 Case of 6

The perfect product to make red, cherry flavor Midway Candy Apples at home. COMPLETE - Just add water. - Made in USA - Kosher & Pareve. - HALAH *CLICK NAME FOR MORE INFO*
Manufacturer part number: 4146

Gold Medal's ready to use candy apple coating. Just add 6 to 8 oz. of water. Cook to 290° to 300°F then dip your apples. Cools to a hard red candy coating in minutes. Mix will make 40 to 70 apples depending on the size and type of apple. Each batch will take about 25 minutes.

Apples should be purchased direct from a Produce Wholesaler and should not have any coatings. Apples purchased from Grocery Stores may have coatings that may cause the Reddy Apple Mix not to adhere properly to the apple.

Ingredients: Sugar, Dextrose, Artificial Flavor, Red #40 (E129), Red #40 Lake (E129)
Kosher & Pareve

Net Wt.  6-3.5lbs (1.59kg.)

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