Thermometer - Candy Dial Style

Value priced Dial Candy - Deep Fry Thermometer. Stainless Steel Design. Adjustable Clip and External Dial Arrow. NSF Listed    *** CLICK ON PRODUCTS NAME FOR MORE INFO ***
Manufacturer: THUNDER GROUP
Manufacturer part number: SLTHD400

Ideal for syrups, sugar, and deep frying. Stainless Steel Design. 
Easy to read dial - 100ºF to 400ºF
Stainless steel casing
Fahrenheit and Celsius readings
Waterproof construction
Color Coded Temperature Display

Clip Thermometer to the inside of pan before heating the oil.  Place the tip of the thermometer at least 2 1/2" into the liquid.  Set the external indicator to the desired temperature.  Keep the tip of the thermometer clear of the pan's bottom and sides.

DO NOT use in a microwave oven
DO NOT wipe or handle HOT thermometer with hands or wet cloth.

Zoned dial in stainless steel casing. Dishwasher safe. Blister card packaging.