Apple-EZ 15oz - 4144

Apple-EZ is the professionals choice for making cherry red candy apples. Just add Sugar & Water, then cook! - Made in USA - KOSHER & PAREVE - HALAH

Gold Medal's easy to use candy apple preparation.  Just open the bag, add 5 lbs. of white sugar and 16 oz. of water. Cook to between 290ºF and 300º F and you are ready to dip. Mix will make 70 to 100 apples depending on size. Apples can be wrapped in Cello Sheets (VI10440) or Candy Apple Bags (4077) when the coating has cooled.

No messy glucose, no buckets to store and lug. No hassle, no re-crystallization, great taste, great candy!

Ideally Apples should be purchased direct from a Produce Wholesaler and should not have any coatings or wax. Apples purchased from Grocery Stores mightl have coatings that may cause the Apple-EZ not to adhere properly to the Apple

Gold Medal's Appl-EZ and Victor's Candy Apple Magic are the most popular mixes in the industry. Both mixes work equally well.

Sold by the bag Item #4144 or by the case of 15 bags Item #4144CS

Ingredients: Dextrose, Artificial Cherry Flavor, FD&C Red 40 (E129).

Net Wt. 15oz. (425g)

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Appl-ez Cherry 15 oz bag
Apple-EZ 15oz BAG - 4144
Manufacturer part number: 4144
Cherry Appl-ez CASE
Apple-EZ 15oz - CASE - 15 packages
Manufacturer part number: 4144