Popcorn Salt - Flavacol - Butter Flavored Seasoned

Gold Medal's Original Flavacol -the "secret ingredient" for theater style popcorn. Uniquely fine. Adds buttery seasoning & color. Kosher & Pareve - NON-GMO - Net wt.35oz. *CLICK ON NAME FOR PACK & PRICE *

Add Flavacol to your kernels & oil before you pop for the best coverage!
Flavacol is a very fine seasoned salt that sticks to the popcorn, whereas a ground salt will tend to fall off. Adding it to the oil as you pop improves the coverage without any fear of burning. This is the tried - and - true original popcorn salt!

FLAVACOL is the worlds most popular seasoning salt. This "secret ingredient" adds buttery flavor & bright yellow color for real theater style popcorn. Because this salt is a fine flake, not a crystal, you only need to add a little right along with your popcorn kernels & oil and then pop. There's more of a "salt" sensation with less sodium.

Made using the "Alberger Process", all traces of minerals that can lead to a bitter taste are removed.  This leaves a far better buttery taste than any other brand. Just the right blend of Yellow #5 and #6 produce the brightest color. Net weight: 2 lbs., 3oz. (35 oz.) (992 grams)

These Products are Kosher and Pareve
Chabad Tri-State Kehilah Kosher

POPCORN        Use-         FLAVACOL
4 ozs. Corn                  ½ tsp
6 ozs. Corn                  ½ tablespoon
8-12 ozs. Corn             1 tablespoon 
14-16 ozs. Corn           1½ tablespoon
20-24 ozs. Corn           2 tablespoons
28 ozs. Corn                2-1/2 tablespoons
32 ozs. Corn                3 tablespoons
36 ozs. Corn                3½ tablespoons

Ingredients: Salt, artificial flavor, FD&C Yellow #5 Lake (E102) and Yellow #6 Lake (E110)

Serving size  1tsp.(7g)     Calories 0, Total Fat 0g,  Sodium 2740mg, Total Carbohydrate 0g, Protein 0g
Servings per Container 141

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Flavacol Butter Flavored Seasoned Salt gold medal 2045
Flavacol Butter Flavored Seasoned Salt - 1 quart
Net Wt 35oz
Manufacturer part number: 2045
Flavacol Butter Flavored Seasoned Salt gold medal 2045
Flavacol Butter Flavored Seasoned Salt- 12 quarts
1 Case/ 12qts.
Manufacturer part number: 2045
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