Plastic Apple Bubbles GM4149

Large Plastic apple bubbles. Package & display caramel or candy apples for easy take home. Hinged. Place apple - snap it closed!

These new large locking apple bubbles are great for candy and caramel. Not only is it easy to dress up and show off your apple, standing up the bubbles saves space. This appealing and protective container features a stay-shut lock, making apples easy to transport and sell. Just place the candy or caramel apple in the bubble then push it closed to seal it.  You no longer need to take the time to staple or tape the apples.

Caramel Apples will stick to Cello Sheets Wraps, not apple bubbles.

Diameter at middle of apple bubble 3.5", bubble then tapers to 3" at top and bottom.
Size: 7" x 4" x 3.5"

How to Use Locking Bubbles
Candy Apples for All Events

Plastic Apple Bubbles 100ct
Plastic Apple Bubbles - 100 per package
Manufacturer part number: CA-1L
Plastic Apple Bubbles Case/1000
Plastic Apple Bubbles - Case of 1000
Manufacturer part number: CA-1L