Monster Mushroom Popcorn GM2035

Gold Medal's Monster sized Hybrid Mushroom Kernels. Perfect for caramel or kettle corn. (Contains 15% Butterfly kernels) MADE IN USA - Kosher Pareve and Halal

Perfect for gourmet applications. You can easily create cheddar cheese, chocolate, candied, kettle, or caramel flavored popcorn using these large  Gold Medal 2035 Monster Mushroom popcorn kernels! These large, ball-shaped mushroom kernels provide a larger surface area for glazes, coatings, and other flavorings to stick to. Gold Medal's Monster Mushroom contains a mix of approximately 85% mushroom kernels and 15% butterfly kernels. The mushroom kernels are large and round with no "Wings" that would break off when tossed in a coating. Butterfly-style popcorn is the popular, recognizable variety with fragile "wings" protruding from all sides. This blend of mushroom and butterfly pleases all of your guests and maximize profits!

These large popcorn kernels won’t break apart when you pop then add a coating, allowing you to serve fully-rounded, generously-sized popcorn. Great for making kettle corn; It holds up to all the manual tossing. Add sweet or savory flavor using popcorn flavorings and seasonings, or just stick with the widely popular salt and butter toppings. This colossal corn is sure to draw the oohs and aahhs!
Storage & Shelf Life: Store at 50-60°F in a clean, dry, and odor-free environment. Best if used within 18 months from the date of manufacture in unopened containers.

Sold in: 2lb. Container,             1 Gallon (approximately 8lbs.),             35 lb. bag.
Kernel Details: Expansion Rate: 47-50:1, Moisture Content: 12.35% – 14.00%, Kernel Size: 62 K/10g

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Monster Mushroom Popcorn 2lb
Monster Mushroom Popcorn 2 LBS.
2 Lb. Container
Manufacturer part number: 2031
Monster Mushroom Popcorn Gallon
Monster Mushroom Popcorn GAL.
Manufacturer part number: 2031
Monster Mushroom Popcorn 35lb bag
Monster Mushroom Popcorn 35LB. BAG
35lb. Bag
Manufacturer part number: 2035